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2ADVANCED is a data driven digital consulting agency located in Gangnam Seoul, South Korea which is consists of veterans from global leading agencies such as WPP, Dentsu Aegis and Omnicom Media Group.
We have provided digital campaign and global marketing service for various global leading brands and top company in Korea. We are a global performance marketing specialist who delivers insights on ROI and visitor patterns through in-depth of data analysis.

2ADVANCED connect the world and provide latest technology to leverage for improving performance efficiently. We are beyond expectation from experience, knowledge and insights.

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According to Forrester Research in the US, search is the most important channels of digital marketing which is accounting for 45% of all digital budget. NAVER still dominates majority of the search market share in Korea, they earn about 2 trillion won in profits each year through paid search advertising. Usually, Search advertising is simply recognized as organic Naver SEO or paid search (PPC, Pay-Per-Click) but now it extended the boundaries from video search, app store search, image search, local search and voice search. It is necessary to approach as holistic visibility with considering other media channel which we propose it as integrated search strategy. (Updated: Search Market Share 2022 in Korea)

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There was a time that most display banner ads have been served by media labs in in the early days of Korea. Portals such as NAVER, Daum and Nate were always key majority of online display market. It makes value on creative or event-oriented campaigns rather than media strategies. Most advertisers thought that the performance of online ads dpened on creative rather than the media which resulted in ignorance of measurement for campaign. In the meantime, the AD networks that can cover a variety of placements have been formed naturally in the global market which leads to the emergence of the progammatic media to meet the sophsticated targeting. Performance display is not just a simple media plan, it provide the right approach and analysis on campaign execution and media contributino through real-time management.

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Google took over Urchin in 2005, and Adobe acquired Omniture in 2009. Since then, one has become Google Analytics and the other has become Adobe Analytics. Adobe Analytics is still strong in the enterprise market but it's hard to keep up with Google in its overall market share. That's why Google has been rapidly expanding its product line and connecting with other advertising solutions, and Gartner is now saying that Google's future much is brighter. Reporting and analytics are not the same thing. Reporting is the act of providing data, and analytics is about providing actionable information. Similarly, handling with these tools, understanding metrics and deriving insights from them is a completely different dimension of service. If you need to analyze your customer patterns and make data-driven decisions through them, please contact us now.

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Now, it is the time for practitioners hard to follow the changes of speed in technology. Many say that they are experts in performance marketing, but it requires a lot of experience and expertise in various field. For traditional marketers, they now facing technology barriers as a new challenge but also today's digital marketers are shown a lack of strategy comparing old ones. We can analyze the market from a traditional marketer perspective, improving efficiency with the latest digital technologies, reducing future risks from past experience, and creating optimal results through our entire media strategy. All decision begins with data, and you can derive insights from real-time analysis and deep analysis of visitor patterns.

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Many people talk about B2B marketing, but it's harder to find someone who actually understands the difference between B2C and B2B. 52% of B2B marketers are choosing Lead Generation as their biggest challenge. Unlike B2C marketing, which focuses on a large number of consumers, B2B marketing is a complex marketplace where many of them are formed by relationships with very limited targets. Unlike in the past, online markets, coupled with doubts about the effectiveness of large-scale exhibitions, are increasingly driving intensive competition among companies and creating new opportunities at a whole new level. In essence, content marketing is the most effective channel to create the greatest inbound business, and even at this moment, potential buyers around the world are looking for your information through search.

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  • Competitive Analysis
  • Organic Optimization
  • Paid Search Campaign
  • B2B Content Marketing
  • Global Search Strategy


Youtube / Google / Meta
  • Media Mix & Planning
  • Programmatic Media
  • Real-Time Optimization
  • Audience Targeting
  • Integrated Media Strategy


  • Technical Audit & Review
  • Traffic Channel Analysis
  • e-Commerce Analysis
  • Real-Time Data Dashboard
  • Attribution Modeling


  • Audience Insights
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Measurement & Insights

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